Born in Munich in 1979 as the daughter of a true Upper Bavarian woman from Munich and a true spirited Indonesian father.

​2011 - 2012

Private student of Klaus Soppe , master student of Robin Page Academy of Fine Arts Munich

​2014 - 2016

Student of Prof. Markus Lüpertz, graduate of the Diploma Adbk course at the old Kolbermoor spinning mill


Student of Rosa Loy / Master class at the Bad Reichenhall Art Academy


Member of the Paul Klinger Artists' Social Welfare Association


Member of the "Munich Artists' House Association" at Lenbachplatz in Munich, Germany


2024, solo exhibition at the Röcklturm Landshut

2022, Germany, Cologne, discovery art fair

2022, Germany, Munich, solo exhibition at GalerieKanzlei in the Museumsviertel Munich

2021, Germany, Hamburg, INCorporating Art Fair Hamburg, Gallery representation Galerie an der Zitadelle

2021, Germany, Essen, CAR Contemporary Art Ruhr, Gallery Representation at the Citadel

2020, Germany, Essen, CAR Contemporary Art Ruhr, Gallery representation Galerie an der Zitadelle

2020​, Germany, Munich, Juried members’ exhibition of the Paul Klinger Künstlersozialwerk, Bavarian State Ministry

2020, Germany Jülich, joint exhibition with Klaus Soppe, Galerie an der Zitadelle ​

2019, Germany, Hamburg, Affordable Art Fair, Galerie an der Zitadelle​

2019, Germany, Essen, CAR Contemporary Art Ruhr, Gallery at the Citadel​

2019, Germany, Munich, Artmuc, Gallery at the Citadel ​

2019, Germany, Berlin, joint exhibition "Augenwerk with Klaus Soppe, Galerie Artinnovation ​

2019, Germany, Heilbronn, joint exhibition with Klaus Soppe at the educational campus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation​

2019, Italy, Rome, collective exhibition Galeria Arte Borgo​

2019, Germany, Cologne, Discovery art fair cologne​

2019, Austria, Innsbruck, Art Innsbruck​

2018, Germany, Wolfratshausen, solo exhibition District Court
2018, Germany, Bernried, Bernried Art Exhibition

2018, Germany, Bernried, joint exhibition Contrasts

2017, Germany, Munich, solo exhibition "Landscape and poetic worlds" at the Munich Künstlerhaus at Lenbachplatz, Munich

2016, Germany, Berlin, Berlin List

2016, Austria, Vienna, group exhibition Stilgalerie

2016, USA, NYC Manhattan Soho, group exhibition Artspace Gallery

2016, China, Beijing, Art Beijing

2016, Austria, Innsbruck, Art Innsbruck

Public contracts
2019 October, design of the drawing for a bronze plaque in honour of cabaret artist and winner of the "German Cabaret Prize 2015" Josef Brustmann, in front of the Loisachhalle in Wolfratshausen

2018 March, design, planning and implementation of the project "Talents meets Professionals" for the opening of Solutions Talents & Professionals Management GmbH, Munich. Those involved in the project included: Roland Grahammer, Udo Bassemir, Angelo Vaccaro, Jamie Lawrence, Melodie Bohny, Sabine Linda Fischer, Elias Kollmann, Thomas Darchinger, Philip Grahammer, Julian Benedikt, Fredi Binder​
2016 October, design of a bronze plaque in front of the Loisachhalle Wolfratshausen in honour of the Wolfratshausen children's choir and its choirmaster Yoshihisa Kinoshita
2016 April, commissioned painting for the city of Wolfratshausen, title "We are Wolfratshausen"

Commissioned paintings for companies etc.

- Munich Association Insurance Group
- Planero GmbH
- Lübmedia GmbH
- Magic Brush GmbH
- Talents & Pros by Solutions
- Gallery shop Siebenmachen

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